Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Lakeside Fund?

The Lakeside Fund is the name for BSU's annual fund, which supports the greatest needs of  the university.  Currently the greatest need is scholarship support.

How do you raise funds for the Lakeside Fund?

Gifts come into the Lakeside Fund from alumni (Alumni Phonathon, Direct Mail requests), friends (BSU Lakeside Luncheon), and BSU faculty and staff (BSU Campus Drive).

Can I choose where I want my gift to go?

Gifts to the Lakeside Fund are undesignated so the university can use them each year where they are most needed.  However, if you have a particular program that you want to support, we will always honor the wishes of the donor and place your donation in the appropriate fund.

I have an endowed scholarship that I give to each year; does this go into the Lakeside Fund?

No.  The Lakeside Fund includes all undesignated gifts.  Gifts to a particular endowment are designated to that endowment.

I already give to Beaver Pride; what is the difference?

Membership in Beaver Pride supports athletic scholarships, while the Lakeside Fund supports academic scholarships and programs.


If you would like to make a gift or receive information about making a gift, please contact Jana Wolff, Director of Annual Giving at 218-755-2872 or

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