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Criminal Investigation Elderhostel 2018

Welcome to Elderhostel 2018!  We are glad you could join us! Let us start by introducing ourselves as your facilitators to this wonderful learning experience.  We will be guiding you through the week’s activities and look forward to sharing a few days of learning and fun on the wonderful Bemidji State University campus!

Professor Michael Herbert 

Greetings fellow Beavers!  I am a Bemidji State graduate, class of 1979.  After graduation, with my degree in Criminal Justice, I spent 23 years in the criminal justice field.  During that time, I worked for state, city and various county agencies.  The last 10 years, I was a multijurisdictional Special Weapons & Tactics (SWAT) Team Leader.  My investigative specialty was child abuse investigations.  While in the field, I completed my MA in Applied Behavioral Science in 1992 and started teaching as an adjunct instructor at BSU.  In 2004 I retired from law enforcement and took a position at BSU as a Professor in the Criminal Justice department.  I completed my doctoral program in the summer of 2006, earning my Ph.D. in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.  I have been married for 34 years and have two grown children who are both BSU alumni. I enjoy restoring classic cars and am just finished a 1942 WWII Jeep.  In March of 2017, I travelled to New Zealand for nine days.

Professor Janet Heuer 

Hello everyone!  I am also a Bemidji State graduate (we won’t talk about which year…).  After graduation from BSU, I continued my studies and graduated from Hamline University School of Law earning a Juris Doctor.  I have two sons, one of whom is BSU alumni and my youngest son is currently attending BSU.  In my spare time, I enjoy spending time on our farm with family and friends, enjoying my grandchildren, the dogs that live in our house and my “grand-dog.” 


Expect to work in an exciting team environment!  You and your team will be charged with solving a homicide.  Your team’s goal will be, through your critical thinking skills, put together as many pieces of the puzzle by the end of the event.  You will be reading reports, listening to interviews, examining photographs, casting imprints and latent printing of evidence.  We will walk you through the investigation process to a large degree but it will be up to you and your teammates to combine your abilities to reach the desired conclusion.  You will be spending some time in the classroom as well as out “in the field” completing hands-on exercises that will hopefully aid you in solving the crime, while having some fun along the way (we learn best when we are having fun).  Our goal is to provide you with an enjoyable educational experience.  We have scheduled “down-time” throughout the week that will allow you to connect with old friends, visit your old haunts around the community and just have a stroll around campus.  The BSU Outdoor Program Center (OPC), located on Lake Bemidji, offers rental boats (canoes, a pontoon, kayaks) as well as bicycles.

You will be spending time outdoors, and while June in Bemidji is typically extremely pleasant, you should be prepared to experience working with your hands and getting a little dirty. 

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For more information and to address additional questions, please contact Angie Gora (218-755-2851 or agora@bemidjistate.edu)

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Monday June 11
8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Elderhostel is back! Monday, June 11th - Thursday, June 14th. Would you like to be a detective? Two BSU Criminal Justice Professors are creating a Criminal Investigation Elderhostel Experience where participants will learn what it takes to solve a crime! There will be tours, guest speakers, hands-on activities and a team exercise where you will see if you have what it takes to solve a crime scenario! Participants will become students once again and stay in the dorms and eat at the campus dining hall. This will be a five day extremely interactive event where you will be processing a crime scene (latent prints, casting, photography, entomology) and putting together the pieces of the puzzle to solve the "who, what, where, when, why and how" of a mock crime scene. Limited to 20 participants.
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